Tourist Hot Spots In San Salvador

Tourist Hot Spots In San Salvador
About two billion people call San Salvador their home making the urban area one that is bustling with activity and one of the top tourist destinations in Central America. If you want to learn more about the best hot spots in and around San Salvador, check out this list.

Taking a short drive out of the city will take you to Ilopango Lake, the biggest lake in the country of El Salvador. This is a lake that appeared as the result of water accumulation in an old crater. It took hundreds of years for the lake to form, but the views are quite breathtaking, especially because of the many birds that fly over its surface. You can take a boat tour on the lake, and watch the birds fly by. Some people swim here and scuba diving opportunities are also available.

For a down to earth experience, you can visit the David J Guzman Museum of Anthropology. Here you can experience the learning about the history of the area while looking at the amazing exhibits. The statue of Xipe Totec, a local god, is showcased in the museum along with many other artifacts. The guided tours are scheduled, so you need to call before you go and register for a tour.

For a great shopping experience, try La Gran Via, a shopping center that is well known for its great atmosphere as well as its uniqueness. The nightlife is extremely vibrant here as there are many concerts and other shows held on a regular basis. Of course, you cannot visit La Gran Via without doing some real shopping, as there are so many stores it can be difficult to cover them all. However, the mall is more than just shopping and you can spend an entire day here enjoying a walk in the garden, going to a movie, and having a palatable meal at one of the many restaurants located within the mall center.

Another great attraction close to San Salvador is El Boqueron, a national park not far away from a volcanic crater. You should pack some warm clothing with you when you visit the park as temperatures can get quite low in the park. This is especially true at night, because of the humid forest that covers the park's grounds. The views from the three peaks found inside the park are quite breathtaking, as climbing up them will allow you to see the volcanic crater and the nearby lakes. The park is rich in wildlife such as foxes, woodpeckers, and Torogoz, the most famous bird in the entire country.

For a cultural experience, do not miss the Museum of Art. Here you will find modern art showcased next to private collections and other art pieces from all over the world. The Revolution Monument, also called El Chulon, is exhibited at the entrance of the museum and it attracts many visitors as well making it worth your time to take a peak.

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